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Fast foods

Hi, all,

I threw something simple together last night that both my kids actually ate

Southwest-style Something

4 1/2 C water
1 C brown rice
1 C ground Beef (NOT!)
1 can tomatoes with diced chilis
1 to 1 1/2 T liquid smoke
3/4 C frozen corn
hot tomato salsa

Boil the water and then add rice, beef not, tomatoes and liquid smoke.
 Reboil, reduce heat and simmer, covered, 1 hour or until rice is done.  Stir
in the frozen corn and continue heating until warmed up again.  Serve with
additional salsa.  My kids don't like beans very much or else I would have
thrown some black beans into it.

I also found something in my local grocery that both my kids seem to like -
Veggie Dogs by New Menu.  Nothing scary in the ingredients list whatsoever,
no fat, 45 cals, 40 secs in the microwave, and they'll both eat them with
salsa or whatever.  I'll even eat them out of desperate hunger.  (Hot dogs
were never high on my list even in my SAD days.)  BTW, thanks for the
recommendation on the new Dixie burger mixes, Bev.  The lady at Dixie liked
their meatloaf, too.  I tried the ones from Midland Harvest and they were

And, speaking of desperation, I was DYING for chocolate the other day and
found a Tootsie Roll in my son's Halloween bag.  (Yes, I had permission to be
in there, lol.) Checked them out on the cyberdiet site - not something one
should have every day, of course, but the whole thing (I'm not even talking
about the minis!) has <1 gram of fat - 6%.  The chewiness was very satisfying
and in a desperate moment, that will beat chocolate chips any day!