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Re: Fat substitute

>Would someone please help me with substitutions?  I know that two egg
>whites equal one egg, but a baby food jar of prunes equals how much
>fat.  I'm trying to convert some recipes and have forgotten the rules.
>	Thanks!  I love the recipes; sure makes cooking and trying to stay
>healthy a lot easier.

Hi Sharon~

When I use prune-based fat subs, I use 1/2 the amount for the fat or oil
called for in
the recipe -- for example, use 1/4 cup prune puree for 1/2 cup butter.

In bread baking, I use 1 T of frozen apple juice concentrate for 1 T of oil
for in the recipe.

Last night I made banana bread in my Zoji ABM and the recipe called for 1/3
cup oil,
2/3 mashed bananas, 2 eggs, and 1/4 sour cream.  I just subbed 1/3 cup
mashed bananas for the oil (total of 1 cup of bananas), 1/2 cup liquid egg
replacer, and used fat free sour cream. It turned out great.

Sometimes, I think, you just have to experiment.  I've used "Lighter Bake"
(prune based) and I like it a lot.  It does tend to darken lighter baked
goods, though.

Hope this helps.