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We are planning to use most of the Thanksgiving menu from the current issue 
of Vegetarian Times.   The recipes are not vlf, but with the exception of 
the dessert tart,  they are all close enough to adapt well.  They just have 
a deletable tablespoon of oil, things like that.  The centerpiece is a 
lentil-chestnut roulade, and idea that I like far better than the stuffed 
pumpkin/squash that I have done in the past.  (The roulade is sort of like 
a long old-fashioned jelly roll in construction, it makes pretty slices) 
 Again, it needs some tweaking to make it vlf, but all of the major 
ingredients are OK.   I think VT has outdone themselves this year, so if 
you are having trouble making plans for Thanksgiving, check it out!   They 
even tell you when and how to do things ahead of time.