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Re: Sourdough Starters

All sourdough starters are not equal.  That is why good ones
were protected and shared.  A vary good source of excellent
starters is Sourdough International.  As a hobby Ed Wood traveled
the world searching out good starters.  I have several and love 
them all especially the Russian Starter.    Some of the starters you
buy in the store are not very stable and tend to easily be corrupted
by foreign bacteria and yeast.  A particularly bad one is the Goldrush

The starters are easy to obtain.  Sourdough International Phone
(800)888-9567 or write to P.O. Box 670, Cascade, Idaho 83611.  They
are 10.50 Each including shipping and well worth every penny.  Add up
what you would be spending on yeast and these things make fantastic
bread and are cheap at the price. I only have 6 of their nine cultures
so far.  Will probably forget my stuffed frig and order the others one
of these days in a moment of weakness. They also have a web page.

Barb Beck
Edmonton Alberta Canada