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Re: Birthday dessert problems

> I'm having a birthday party in a couple weeks and I need some help with the
> menu. I decided to go fresh veggies and fruit to start, and then have an
> Italian theme for the main course. I need help with dessert. I need
> something FF or LF for a lacto-vegetarian. Something that fussy eaters will
> enjoy. It doesn't have to be Italian. All suggestions and recipes are more
> than welcome.
If you want a birthday cake, there's one I posted a few years ago, which
is probably in the archives, called a Cocoa Sigh.  It's a heavy rich-tasting
torte-like chocolate cake whose only fat comes from the cocoa (not
chocolate) used to make it.  It definitely uses egg whites and milk,
and I haven't yet tried it with substitutes.  Very popular around our
house, although people don't always believe that it's VLF.

Jane Colman		jane@xxxxxxxxxx