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Birthday Dessert

How about Italian Lemon Ice (found at most grocery stores and any
Italian specialty shop) with fresh fruit?  Lemon ice is just lemon
juice, sugar and water frozen and somehow made scoopable (it is rather
hard, so let it thaw for awhile before trying to serve).  With the
Italian theme, this would be a good idea.  Or, how about some fat-free
biscotti (check the label, some have eggs) with espresso or cappucino. 
If you and/or your friend or s.o. avoid caffeine, you can very finely
grind decaf beans and use them in an espresso maker.  Or, since this is
a lacto-veg person, you can make a non-fat ice cream "cake".  Take 2
different flavors of nonfat ice cream.  Soften enough to put into
standard size cake pans.  Let harden overnight.  Get pans out about 1
hour before serving time.  When you can get the ice cream out of the
pan, put one on a serving plate and spread top with a nonfat fudge or
other ice cream topping (or pureed fruit).  Invert other ice cream layer
on top and put in freezer for about 30 minutes, just enough to "set" ice
cream.  Top with fresh sliced fruit, slice with warmed knife and serve. 
Hope it helps.