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[Re: Espresso Coolers]

This isn't exactly an Expresso Cooler, but when I am wanting a coffee
drink or coffee ice cream I make one of these.  Don't let the ingredients
stop you.  I never would have tried this if someone hadn't *given* me the
Postum.  I love coffee, good fresh ground, drip coffee and I don't, as a
rule, drink Postum.  Still, I buy Postum just to use in this recipe.  I
guess any of the instant coffee substitutes could be used.  Once I forgot 
the carob powder and it just wasn't the same.
  Cold Carob/Postum cooler
  1 Tablespoon carob powder
  1 1/2 teaspoons Postum 
  2 Tablespoons boiling water
  1/2 to 1 teaspoon dark molasses
  4 oz. cold vanilla soymilk
  Ice cubes as needed to fill mug.
  Put the boiling water in the bottom of a large coffee mug.  Stir in the
  carob powder and the Postum.  Add the molasses and stir until dissolved. 
  Add the soymilk and ice cubes to fill the mug.  Add water if needed.
  Makes one serving.
  Optional--I often throw the ice cubes and soy milk in the Vita Mixer to
  crush the ice and then I mix it all together in a mug.  Either way 
  I love it. 
    > >
    > >Lately I have become addicted to low-fat espresso coolers from a nearby
    > >coffee shop.  They say they are lowfat, since they are made from skim
    > >milk.  I love these but at $3.50 a pop they are pretty expensive.  They
    > >seem to be espresso, milk, sugar, and ice put in the blender.  Does
    > >anybody have a recipe for making these?
    > >
    > >thanks,
    > >
    > >Sue
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    > >but experience only comes with bad judgement
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