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Re: FATFREE : Strawberry Shortcake

> Does anyone have a vlf strawberry shortcake recipe?  I combed all of my
> cookbooks and couldn't find one.  

This is an EASY one!  There are fat-free pound cakes available
(Entenmann's) but I prefer angel food cake.  You can make your own, or
purchase one (most are completely fat free -check labels to be sure). 
Then just toss the strawberries with a little of your favorite
sweetening thing, and top off with fat-free whipped topping or fat-free
vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.

And here's a recipe I make every summer, adapted from a Tupperware
demonstration recipe:

Luscious Layers, or Strawberry Delight
1 angel food cake
2 boxes sugar-free strawberry jello (4-serving size)
2 boxes fat-free vanilla instant pudding (4-serving size)
1 pint (more if you like) strawberries, sliced and frozen
1 carton fat-free whipped topping

Break up the angel food cake into bite-sized pieces in the bottom of a
13 x 9 pan.  (In the Tupperware demo you would use the 13 x 9 cold cut
keeper, which is ths same size as a cake pan, so you can SEE the
Mix the jello according to package directions with the hot water.  When
measuring the cold water, fill the measuring cup with the frozen
strawberries and then only add enough water to get to the 2 cup mark. 
Add this to the jello/hot water mixture, and then pour evenly over angel
food cake.  Chill an hour or so (doesn't have to me really firm).
Mix the pudding (use skim milk), and pour over the top of the layers in
the pan.  Chill some more.  When pudding is set well, "frost" the whole
thing with the whipped topping.  Fat free and delicious!  (Sorry, not
vegan -- do any of you who follow vegan diets have substitutes that will
work in this recipe?)