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Corn muffins

A few years ago, there was a most wonderful restaurant here in SoCA called
the Golden Temple Conscious Cookiery.  It was run by a religious sect called
the Sikhs and was vegetarian, low fat - the works.  It was the most divine
food I have ever eaten.  At the time they had a small cookbook with some of
their recipes and I greedily and hungrily grabbed it up.  Unfortunately, the
recipes in it were not the ones I ate at the restaurant.  My husband said
he'll stay with me forever and ever ;-) if I can bake the Corn Muffins we
ate there.  They were made with millet as one of the ingredients.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to substitute - not having done much baking.
Can anyone help me?  They had a magnificent 3 sprous salad with 3 kinds of
sprouts and Tahini dressing.  YUM!
Thank you,