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Re: vita-mix

Sharon Nix wrote:
> Hi All,
>  This is for the Tenny's, I personally wasted my money. The vita-mix is
> not worth your good money. If you have any particular questions I'd be
> more than happy to answer them. E-mail me. Sherryn@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> I tried your email but wouldn't go through with the address that is
> shown.

I totally disagree. I own a Vita-mix (with the dry grains container) and
I love it, it was worth every penny. I was fortunate and got it at their
sale price, but it is an excellent machine. If you at all enjoy
smoothies and frozen drinks, you can find no better machine. Though its
not fat free, it makes excellent ice cream (vegan and probably non-vegan
as well). You can also make delicious sorbets. I have been thrilled with
the speed it processes fruit into smoothies, makes fresh salsa in almost
no time, grinds whole wheat and rye berries into flour for bread, etc.
It is easy to clean when making most things, though I'll admit it takes
a couple minutes to clean after making homemade peanut butter. I have
not had a chance to make the vegetable drinks and the fruit/vegetable
combination drinks, but my brother tells me that the one he has made
(using fruits and carrots) was delicious. If you want all of the
nutrition from your produce, get a vitamix. If you want to throw away
lots of nutritious pulp and therefore throw away money on produce (which
can be quite expensive depending on your locale), then just buy an
ordinary juicer. I would be happy to answer any questions also, feel
free to email me.

To Sharon-What were you not satisfied with regarding your vitamix? I
would be curious to hear your complaints if you would like to email me.