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Fabulous web site!

Hi, all:

I've just discovered the best thing since this list!  It is a Website
called Veggies Unite!  Besides having a very nice recipe collection (not
all vlf, but all the ones I browsed were very healthy, most were at least
lowfat, and all would be easily adaptable within the guidelines of this
list), they have a weekly menu planner where you build a menu for the week
from the recipe collection and then build a shopping list by clicking a
button.  There is also tons of other general veggie info, and it's a very
fun and interactive site.  You can find it by pointing your browser to :


or e-mail them at veggie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In order to use the site you have to join Veggies Unite, but the dues ($10)
are optional, and this site seems to have a lot of benefits even if you do
choose to pay.


Emily Swensen
Pyramus Online