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Beware Lehmann Farms' Veg Bouillon

Warning regarding Lehmann Farms 'Vegetarian Vegetable Base':

Some new products have begun appearing on the shelves at the supermarkets
here in the midwest by a company called Lehmann Farms.  Many appear to be
lowfat and contain some natural products. 

I thought I'd warn everyone about the 'Vegetarian Vegetable Base', which is
located next to "Better Than Bouillon" on the shelves at the stores where 
I've seen it.  The Vegetarian Vegetable Base contains HYDROGENATED OIL, 
which is highly saturated fat. The serving size listed on the jar is so
small that it appears non-fat with 0 saturated fat, etc., but it would add
up quickly if one used any quantity of it at all.

Just a friendly warning so someone else doesn't throw out $3.79 on a jar
of something they wish they'd never found. I usually check labels more
carefully than I did with this one, but so many of the other products have
natural ingredients that I got caught on this one.