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RE: Wheat Germ

I just use the wheat germ that I get in the bottles at the store,
instead of bulk.  I don't know why, it just tastes good and that's what
I've always done.  Not sure if it's toasted?  They have plain and then a
crunchy honey one, and they are both quite good.


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Deana Zaccagnini
College of St. Benedict, Box #1440
St. Joseph, MN  56374                 

>From: 	Jessica Parsons[SMTP:j.parsons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, May 20, 1997 2:56 PM
>To: 	fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: 	RE: Wheat Germ
>I've always used untoasted, since that's always the way I find it at the
>bulk stores.
>The only comment about toasting is that I think any browning makes things
>just a tad more carcinogenic.  (Also, it would reduce the water content,
>which could be a plus or a minus, depending.)  This doesn't stop me when I
>want something toasted ;-), but wheat germ does seem just fine to me
>Hope this helps,