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We're potatoes kinda people, and I love potatoes fo breakfast.  
Of course, fried with onions and mushrooms and peppers and whatever 
stuff you have tastes wonderful.


Next best, (actually and obviously, best) spray a larage flat 
baking dish with something (I use the olive oil spray from TJ's) 
and chop or slice potatoes into it.  Salt & pepper and back until 
almost done.  Add chopped onion toward the end.  I might try 
mushrooms again sometime, but they add a lot of water and the 
flavor ain't the same.  If you really must, you can sprinkle some 
ff parmesan toward the last and let it toast on top.  

Now, we don't do this weekdays, of course.  This is our weekend 
breakfast.  One day of the weekend--that's mine, the other day is 
sometimes pancakes (yuckkk!) for my SO.  And you should see the 
syrup he uses on them!  Double yuckkkk!  I slice a banana onto 
one and choke it down, then find some other fruit or bread to eat.

Occasionally, when I really NEED a comfort food, I do biscuits & gravy 
(Morning Star patties), but don't think it fits the guidelines of this 
list.  It's a lot better than it used to be (fat-wise), but still not 
good enough.

Hoping someone else will toss out some good ideas too.