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quick, ff ideas; protein powder question

hi.  we are on a strictly no-fat, no-meat diet.  Also, everyone works (or is 
otherwise busy) and doesn't have a lot of time to cook.  Any ideas for quick 
meals (or something that could cook by itself all day) are greatly appreciated. 
Also looking for good ideas for snacks (to make or buy) for snacking throughout 
the day.  We are relatively new to this lifestyle and are looking for all the 
ideas we can get.  Also great ideas for breakfast.  

Recently we have gotten into having a mixture of fruits and fruitjuice mixed in 
the blender with protein powder in the mornings to drink, with hot oatmeal.  I, 
especially, have noticed my drink tends to get "grainy".  I don't know how else 
to describe it, but it seems that maybe the protein powder is not getting 
dissolved or something.  Are there any tricks or anything we could do to 
decrease the effect of this?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.