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Re: Mongolian Barbeque

Regarding the Mongolian Barbeque restaurants, they are indeed excellent for
a lowfat vegetarian meal.  I would like to suggest that you ask what the
sauces are before putting them on your veggies - they all look like a type
of soy sauce (except the obvious oil ones) but many have alot of oil in
them. They will be glad to tell you - I don't even rely on the signs posted
on them because they may be mixtures.  

In addition, when you take your bowl to the barbeque to be cooked, be SURE
to tell them not to use oil and ask them to please wipe the grill first. If 
you don't, they will assume you want their delicious sesame oil on the
grill when they prepare yours and you will not be getting what you wanted.
I found this all out the hard way one time and had to start all over with a
fresh bowl (after my first one was so perfectly piled up! :)

This restaurant is a great suggestion for this list. I'm glad someone
mentioned it!

Warming up to a balmy 65 degree Mother's Day :)