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Diet Analysis

Hi Lisa,

It's too bad Parsons doesn't sell Diet Analysis anymore; I also have the
program and love it!!! It's very flexible.

However last week in the mail I received an offer for another nutrition
software package which they say originally sold at $218.95. That's
probably true because it sounds like an old program - it only requires 4
MB RAM. I think they are probably trying to get rid of their supply.

Anyway they offered a special deal for their three programs - Executive
Diet Helper, Menu Planner and Weight Loss Planner for $10. I figured
what did I have to lose for that price - so I ordered it. If you like I
can let you know what it's like when it comes in.

If you go to their home page http://www.ohio-distinctive.com you can
check out the descriptions when you click on the software button. If you
click on the order button you'll find the prices which start at $4. Very
reasonable, in my opinion.

If I can be of any further help, let me know.