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(Fwd) Re: Jamaican rasta vegetarian recipe books

Thort u might all  be interested in this!
I reported him to hotmail as I, too, have an address there, plus 
being POPs here in sunny South Africa, we have access to POPs around 
the world!

So learn a lesson - don't put up with spamming - report them!

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          "Scott Robinson" <realdread@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:            fran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc:            abuse@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:       Re: Jamaican rasta vegetarian recipe books
Date:          Thu, 08 May 1997 09:08:24 PDT

Please accept my most sincere apologies, I should have read the
rules of the mailing list. I assumed that anything relevant to 
the list was acceptable. I had no idea that because it is commercial
the e-mail would create such a problem. I have learned my lesson and
am begging forgiveness. Please do not take action against me. I assume
I have been banned from the mailing list so there is no way I can
apologize to everyone I am asking you to apologize on my behalf. That
is, of course, if sending an apology is acceptable on the mailing

This is what I sent him: 

>From fran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thu May  8 08:02:51 1997
>Received: from fran.netheads.co.za (plato.netheads.co.za

>I have advised hotmail.com that u are spamming subscribe lists, so I
>suggest u get your head down very fast. 
>No-one appreciates spamming, and when u do it to a service provider
>such as ourselves, u could find yourself cut off permanently from the
> 'net.
>Frances Watts
>for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
>UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise

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Frances Watts
for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise