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For Amy.

Amy, you wanted to know of some veg friendly places to eat over here. I am
in Leeds and can recommend a couple. #1... Roots 'n' Fruits veg and vegan
cafe. Its in Leeds town centre in the Grand Arcade by a night club called
Uropa. If you ask someone where this is they should be able to tell you.
#2... Dare cafe in Headingley Leeds 6. It is on the main road which runs
through Headingley centre, again ask someone and they will be able to
point you in the right direction. Also there are loads of nice B&B's in
Headingley, usually costing around 10pounds / night. Most of them are near
the cricked ground. Theos charcoal grill take away offer a wide variety of
veg food on grill, falafel in pitta etc, v cheap and really nice food.
That is opposite the University Parkinson building (you cant miss it!)
Anyway, I hope this is some help to you. Leeds is not a big place compared
to others and if you ask someone directions they will most probably be
able to tell you where it is you want to go. Good luck... Charlie.