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I studied in London for four years, and dropped in to Guildford, Chelmsford,
and Leeds briefly.  No specific advice except for a few notes: 
B and B's are the best way to go for cost.  Anything rated less than 3
crowns means you'll be sharing a loo.  ALL housing in the UK, year round, IS
DAMP.  The heating is minimal at night, so take more than a T-shirt for
sleeping in!
For food, Garfunkels is a reasonably priced chain of restaurants with a
varied menu, good veg choices, and an AWSOME salad bar.  I always celebrated
there after an exam with friends.  Jacket potatoes are the fast food
equivalent to our muffins here, with fillings like baked beans, sweet corn
etc..  As for fat free... well the Brits like their stuff a la
heavy-and-sticky; general vegetarian stuff however won't be hard to find.
The countryside is beautiful...enjoy!
Registered Osteopath-------