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Convenience Foods

Back to the subject of convenience foods--I've recently have cut out
refined sweets from my usual fare.  But, I've discovered two

1.)  A bowl of dark sweet frozen cherries (right from the freezer)

2.)  Frozen peaches thawed and cut up mixed with ff vanilla yogurt and lf

I love both of these!  But to make the second healthier, I'm going to try
to make a granola using Amy Campbell's recipe!!

Thanks to all of you and your great recipes.

I tried one posted a couple of weeks ago.  I can't remember who posted it
and it didn't have a name yet.  But, it was refried beans mixed with rice
and stewed tomatoes and shredded cheese.  It was wonderful!!  How about
calling refried bean/rice casserole??
Whoever, posted this, e-mail me and let me know.

Viveca Park