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Folic acid prevents heart attacks

        A recent article in the NY Times (2/26/97) discusses the linking of
homocysteine, an amino acid, to heart attacks and strokes.  Researchers are
suggesting that eating foods containing folic acid, a B vitamin that can
reduce homocysteine levels in the blood, may act as a preventative. The RDA
for folic acid is presently 200 micrograms a day for men and 180 for women.

        Foods rich in folic acid include the following (this is obviously
not a complete list).  Values are in micrograms:

        1/2C cooked lentils                   179
        1/2C cooked spinach                131
        1/2C cooked black beans         128
        1/2C cooked white beans         123

        1C Total                                466
        !C Grapenuts                          402
        1C All-Bran                             301
        1C Ralston Bran Flakes           173
        1/3C wheat germ                      108
        1C Wheaties                             102

        It's great to have the list back in operation.

        Bob Howard