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vegan ff cookies

I just got back to school from spring break, and over my break i did some
baking and cooking experiments.  I made the best cookies!  Usually i use
applesauce or baby food prunes to replace the  fat, but this time i used
"Wonderslim", a jar of something i found at the local co-op.  (does anyone
know how to make homemade wonderslim? it's pretty expensive)
I followed the recipe on the back of a bag of chocolate chips, and instead
of using 1 cup of butter i used 1/2 cup wonderslim, and Instead of eggs i
used a tablespoon and a half of water each (the bottle says to do this).
And because i don't like chocolate, i cut dried up apricots into  little
pieces, and used raisins and cranberries to make a variety of dried fruit
cookies!  If you really want chocolate chips, i used reduced-fat baking
chips in the batch i made for my sisters and my parents, and they LOVED
 I love these cookies!!!!!!!!