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advice on cairo?

help!! my family and i are moving to cairo soon, and i'm very scared about
the limited range of products that i've heard are available there.  does
anybody know anything about living a vlf life there?  (including preparing
foods at home AND eating out.)  i've heard a few things, for example:
vegetarianism is not a big concept there, and there are bits of meat even in
the vegetable dishes.  also, asking for "no oil" in restaurants does not
usually work.  i've also heard there are no low fat, never mind non-fat,
dairy products, no tvp/tofu/tempeh etc. for sure... also, there's concern
about being able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which constitute the
bulk of our diet.  is any/all of this true?? information/ advice from anyone
who's familiar with this part of the world would be greatly appreciated!