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Re: tvp and soy

Monica wrote:
> I bought some baked tofu after Michelle's post last week.  Now I have it =
> in my refrigerator and don't know what to do with it.  Does anyone have =
> any "tried and true" recipes using baked tofu?  I'd love to try them.

I'm assuming that you are talking about the savory, flavored baked

Well, I've added it to pasta/vegetable dishes, sliced it and used it
in sandwiches, and eaten it straight out of the package.  I also use
it in my "nobody home" meal (so called because my husband doesn't like
any of the vegetables I use), which is onions, carrots, and cabbage or
bok choy cooked lightly in a little wine (or water plus balsamic vinegar),
with small chunks of savory baked tofu added at the end.

I have found that it works better, when adding it to dishes, to add it
at the end, giving it just enough time to heat through.  If it cooks
in liquid for a while, the flavor gets diluted.

Jane Colman		jane@xxxxxxxxxx
Berkeley and/or Oakland, California