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traveling VLF'ers and tortillas

>Most requests for restaurants lead to the veg.org listings -
>unfortunately these make no distinction for us VLFers and many veggie
>places load up on butter or other oils.  Is there any compilation
>available (in this list or elsewhere) that has low-fat as its criterion
>instead of veggieness?
This is a huge problem for most of us,it seems pretty easiy to eat
ova-lacto veggie in most restaurants, and it is pretty easy to eat low fat
if one eats chicken and fish.  But the low fat veggie/vegan concept is
nearly unknown.  I keep hoping that as more of us "convert" and keep eating
out and keep requesting food we can eat, that more restaurant managers will
be willing to  provide alternatives on the menu.  Every year or so we will
make a phone survey of local restaurants, we will call and tell them that
we are vegans and wonder if they can accomodate us.  They usually say sure,
we have pasta primavera or marina and, of course, fish.  yikes.

As far as road trips, I find places that offer salad bars are a good bet
and grocery stores (and ice chests in the car) usually are offer a better
option than most restaurants.  Breakfasts are very difficult. sigh
someone sez:
I can't seem to find fat-free tortillas (flour kind). Does anyone have a
suggestion where to look?

I found whole wheat, no fat added tortillas in the freezer at my natural
food cooperative.  They are not as pliable and a bit tougher, but do-able.

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I don't know the key to success,
But the key to failure is
Trying to please everybody.  --Bill Cosby