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semolina flour

On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, Still hitting the floor at Queensbridge wrote:

> Good day. I just was in a wonderful healthfood store in Vermont and
> bought all kinds of good stuff. One thing I bought was a bag of seminola
> (spelling?) flour. How do I use in in breadmaking in a bread machine? I
> love my bread machine and have been experimenting with all kinds of recipes.

Semolina is the preferred flour for making fresh pasta, but it can also 
be used for bread.  There's a "semolina-bread" in the archives under 
breads-machine, as well as two recipes for semolina pizza dough 
(rosies-pizza, and semolina-pizza-dough).

When I did the search for semolina in the archives, a delicious looking 
recipe for mushroom-leek-crepes popped up as well (using semolina to 
thicken the sauce), so you could check that out too.

Have fun!

Susan "877 and Sweet Sixteen" Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Go Dean!!  Go Heels!!