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Re: Fatfree Tortillas

Someone was looking for fatfree flour tortillas. My favorites are Buena
Vida, which are sold in the dairy case of the regular supermarket.  They
are large sized at 110 calories and 0 fat grams per tortilla.  Here is the
address in case you'd like to contact them to see where you can find them in 
your area:

Azteca Foods, Inc.
P.O. Box 427, Summit
Argo, IL 60501
Mention bar code 41289 79100 (which is the bar code on my package)

One way I find fatfree items is to make a habit of checking out grocery
stores everywhere I go. If I'm traveling or even just going to another
part of town, I'll find the largest chain grocery stores and check them
out.   I've found many favorites this way, then I keep a list of which
store has which item for future reference.   It does seem like the large
supermarkets are beginning to carry more and more fatfree items.

Although I also like to haunt the natural food stores wherever I go, 
this isn't always where I find the biggest variety of fatfree items.

Milwaukee, WI