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Japanese sweet cake

Freida wrote,"I watched a video with my daughter recently and there was a scene 
in which a
group of young friends went to visit a Japanese woman who served them tea and
something she called "Japanese Sweetcake."  She said it was made with rice and
beans.  "  and wanted to know what it is and how to make it.  I know what it 
is, and have eaten it  on many occasions, but as for making it, I would love to 
experiment.  What the sweetcake is - soybean protein mixed with rice gluten and 
some rice flour.  It is not a leavened or bready type dish.  It generally is of 
a heavy almost gelatin consistency, but with more presence or substance.  
Generally, it is molded into shape while still quite fluid, and refrigerated 
until set.  I would begin with the soy flour, rice flour and some extra rice 
gluten (for setting) and use some sort of flavoring to spruce it up.  I 
certainly hope there is a recipe somewhere.  Good luck!