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Quark, eating in Germany

As somebody who has lived in both Canada and Germany and was raised on 
quark (believe it or not we've been getting it for years in Niagara 
Falls) IMO quark is closer to cottage cheese than it is to yoghurt cheese.  In 
fact I use them interchangeably in recipes.  In Canada I use cottage 
cheese (sometimes run through the blender, sometimes not) simply 
because it is cheaper and in Germany I use quark for the same reasons.

To the person going to Germany good luck with a vlf vegetarian 
restaurant.  In general a German's idea of healthy food is whole grains 
but with butter and or cream.  I survive by buying rolls (brotchen) at 
a bakery and yoghurt (FF yoghurt is magerjoghurt and LF yoghurt is 
fettarme yoghurt).  Otherwise you go to a restaurant and try to make 
the best choice possible.  Germans are big on Italian restaurants which 
is *safer* than a traditional German restaurant!  Karen