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Fat Free "Sour Cream"

The best "sour cream" that we have found is the Tillamook.  It is made on
the Oregon coast and may not be widely distributed.  Compared to any other
we've tired (including the Land of Lakes), it has the best flavor and
texture.  It even holds up to heat fairly well.

One of our favorite pasta sauces is a mixture of mushrooms quickly sauted in
a little white wine with some garlic with the "sour cream" stired in just
after the
pan is taken off the heat. Fast easy and good!

FWIW the Healthy Choice cheeses are the best that we have found.  The
mozzarella, especially the string cheese sticks, actually is close enough to
the real thing
that you can recognize it as mozzarella without looking at the label!

As long as we are talking about replacements for high fat dairy products, my
vote as the only decent fat free cream cheese goes to the "Philly" brand.
Nice to see one of the large national brands paying attention and putting
out a good product.

Too many of the fat free sour creams and cream cheeses taste like yogurt
cheese.  Tillamook and Philly must use a different culture that captures
some of the flavor of the real things.

Best regards,