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Cereal Snacks/Harissa

I found another snack I like: Puffed Kashi.  The ingredients are:
Whole oats, long grain brown rice, whole rye, whole hard red winter
wheat, whole triticale, whole buckwheat, whole barley, sesame seeds.

That's it.  70 calories per 1 cup serving, 13 grams complex carbs, no
simple sugars, no sodium, 3 grams protein, less than 1 gram fat, 2
grams of fiber, and a little iron.  Tastes like popcorn, but a little
better (IMHO).  Only downside is that it looks like maggots because of
the pieces of bran stuck to the puffed kernels.  :-)  Would make a
good halloween snack.  :-)

I bought a box to keep at work.

Harissa is a Tunisian hot sauce.  Most commercial brands contain oil
(though some don't).  I posted a recipe for it in issue #14, it's on
the website http://www.fatfree.com

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA