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Nutritional analysis software

>And speaking of nutritional analysis, can anyone recommend a good computer
>program that will take a recipe and spit out the nutrional analysis
>(protein, carbs, fat, sodium, etc.)? 

MasterCook does this for any recipe that you enter. There's a demo version
which lets you enter 20 or so recipes at

The demo version also has built-in recipes so you can see how the
nutritional analysis works. I purchased the shipping version of Master
Cook/Cooking Light several weeks ago and I've been reasonably happy with
it, but I haven't pushed it too hard yet.

I haven't used MicroCook, but I think they try to match each other feature
for feature, so you might want to check it out also.

Michelle, maybe we should add URLs for Micro and MasterCook to the
FAQ/resource-guide. I think I learned about this software from the previous
incarnation of this list.

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