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Interesting Vegetable Combo

I didn't feel like going food shopping today, so I made scrounged around
the fridge and the cabinets, and put together a new vegetable medley.  All
ingredients are approximate, which shouldn't cause a problem.  Slice a red
bell pepper into rings and then cut the rings into four pieces.  Steam with
corn niblets, about twice as much in bulk as the pepper.  Soak and then
saute some chinese dried black mushrooms, about 8 small ones.  Slice the
mushrooms and saute in balsamic vinegar, a bit of mirrim and some
vegetarian worcestershire sauce.  Supplement those liquids with mushroom
soaking water as needed.  Combine, eat and enjoy!

Thanks to Michelle Dick for bringing the list back up.  Now I really am
following a vlf veg diet, so I really appreciate all the info.  

Janice (talking the talk AND walking the walk re vlf)