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Rosemary and other herbs :-)

Rosemary was asking about uses of herbs she has grown in her garden.

I experiment with new herb flavours by mixing a herb (or herb blend)
with ricotta cheese and using this as a dip for pita bread or
vegetables.  If you eat dairy, you might like to try this.

Another ricotta cheese based recipe I have made for my lunch at work
today. I decided I wanted to take a hot lunch but discovered that my
freezer was sadly lacking in ready made up lunches. 

Salsa and ricotta pita bread

Combine ricotta cheese (60 gms, or a couple of spoonfuls) with a handful
of chopped capsicum and tomato, a teaspoon of basil and a large spoonful
of hot tomato salsa.  Mix and heat through (I did 1 minute in the
microwave).  Spoon into half of a large pocket of pita bread.

Add a few black olives and capers for garnish.  Can be eaten hot or