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Energy Bars

>>Hello, everyone!  I was just wondering if there are any athletes out 
>>there who could recommend a good vegan energy bar.  I've read so
>>labels, and haven't found much...any recommendations?  I used to use
>>PowerBars (loved 'em), but they contain milk protein, so since going 
>>vegan, I've been looking for a replacement.  You can e-mail me 
>>directly.  Thanks for the help.


Try Clif Bars.  They are vegan and actually have real ingredients unlike
Power Bars.  No offense to you Power Bar lovers, but I have a problem
eating something that looks like it was made in a laboratory.  My favorite
flavors for Clif Bars are peanut butter and chocolate chip.  The
ingredients for the peanut butter are rolled oats, brown rice syrup and/or
FruitSource (whole rice syrup and grape juice concentrate), brown rice
protein, natural peanut butter, pear juice concentrate, rice crisp, barley
malt, corn meal, fig paste, oat bran, soy nuts, natural flavors, leavening
(non-aluminum), sea salt.  Total fat 4g, calories 250, total carb 45g,
potssium 330mg.  Says no high fructose corn syrup, wheat free, dairy

There are other flavors that have lower fat grams, there is one (Peanut
Butter Chocolate Crunch) that has 6 grams.  Obviously, you should be
working out for a good length of time if you are going to use the fat

I'd be interested to hear if others have any other vegan options that are
readily available..

Anne Newhouse
Milwaukee, WI