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Dangers of Grilling

This is for Shawn, who asked about the carcinogenic effect of cooking 
food over charcoal...

I just read this today...I'll quote the original article from Delicious! 

"According to the National Cancer Institute, grilled meat contains 
potent carcinogens called heterocyclic aromatic amines that form when 
amino acids in meat and creatine, a chemical in muscle tissue, are 
heated together at temperatures exceeding 212F.  Smoked meat is also 
contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, another carcinogen 
created when fat from meat drips onto hot coals and sends smoke back up 
into the meat.  In addition, cooking meat over charcoal emits 
air-polluting compounds including hydrocarbons, furans, steroids, and 
pesticide residues.  Soyfoods, vegetables, and fruit, which don't form 
carcinogens when grilled, are much safer choices for summer cookouts."

I hope this eases your worries, Shawn!