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Re: Cutting Mangoes

On Sat, 28 Jun 1997 globlcit@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Lyn!
> Please post the "criss-cross cutting trick" for mangoes.
> Sounds intriguing!

This is the way I have seen them cut in Mexico, too.  You take hold of the 
mango and figure out which is the "flat" side.  That indicates the 
direction of the large seed.  Then you make a slice as close to the edge 
of the seed as possible -- the mango still has the peel on at this point, 
BTW.  Once you have cut each side of the mango off, you score the flesh 
in about a half-inch criss-cross pattern with a sharp knife, kind of on 
the diagonal, cutting through to the skin, but not through the skin.  
Then you just flip the slice inside-out and the squares of mango can 
either be eaten right off of the skin, or you can cut them off for salsas 
or salads. I hope this makes sense!