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Michelle was asking about caring for sourdough.

I have sourdough that I started about 3 years ago.  The original recipe says
to feed it at least once a week, but I really only feed it (adding flour and
water, 1/3 to 1/2 cup each, depending on how much I'm using) when I'm using
it, which sometimes is more than once a week and is sometimes once a month or
less.  It's never suffered for my neglect.  :)  It will start to separate,
but just stir the liquid back in (I find a wire whisk works best).  I've kept
it in a few different containers, but a not-too-deep container (mine is about
7" diameter, 3.5" high, an old sherbet container) works best.  I wouldn't
dream of freezing it.  Sourdough is "wild yeast", and while it does need
refrigeration, I would think that freezing it would "kill" the yeast.

I have lots of recipes for sourdough, from biscuits (My favorite! We eat them
for breakfast with jam, or with "soysage") to cakes (amazingly good).  I've
never tried to convert them to VLF or FF, though, so if you're interested
email me directly or check out the "Perennial Political Palate" cookbook (3rd
in a series) by the Bloodroot Collective in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Good luck!