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'shrooms in butter

Andrew asked about frying mushrooms in butter.  

Butter buds aren't found in the UK to my knowledge, and I just found my
first source in Canada...a four hour drive from where I live.  (Sheech.)  

So, although the flavour doesn't resemble butter, I heard this idea on TV
and tried it;  it created a full-flavoured mushroom sauté that would be
good on toast, pasta, etc.

Dry fry sliced or chopped mushrooms (the natural water from the 'shrooms
should seep out), and add the four S's: soy sauce, savoury, sugar (a
pinch!) and salt.  The unusual combo is a perfect compliment to mushrooms.


Sharon M.  BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO MGO
Reg'd Osteopath