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diabetic dessert

What about a fruit bowl?  I like to cut up a variety of fruit 
and sprinkle some Better Than Milk powder over it.  You can 
use the BTM Light for this--it doesn't need to dissolve.

It gives it a bit of creaminess and, if you don't tell people 
what it is (NOT dairy and NOT sugar and NOT all those things 
that are so important--no, NECESSARY--to a full life--sorry, 
sometimes the attitudes of some of these ridiculous peole 
bang up against my attitude and I lose it just a bit), they 
will accept it quite cheerfully and enjoy it.

Sometimes, when I find what looks like a fairly ripe mango, 
I put it into the blender with an orange or something juicy, 
use that for a dressing for a fruit salad.

Also, I really like breads, and I especially like breads that 
include nuts (Trader Joe's makes a great walnut sourdough 
bread).  Now, I know that nuts are high fat, but a few nuts 
in a bread that had no other fat keeps the % low and really 
adds a nice crunch and makes it a bit more festive.  Anyway, 
a slice of this, maybe toasted but not necessary, with a 
nice fruit salad makes a great dessert for me.

Good luck.