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Fatfree Archive Makes the News!

In today's Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, the front page of the food section has 
a nice article from the Orange County Register on food sites from the Web to
bookmark and www.fatfree.com is one of them!

It joins other illustrious ones such as www.foodwine.com, www.epicurian.com,
www.foodchannel.com and soar.berkely.edu/recipes, plus several more.

The blurb reads:
Fatfree: The Low-Fat Vegetarian Archive (www.fatfree.com)
  No fancy pictures or graphics here, but how about hundreds of recipes?
  An archive is an Internet repository, and this one contains all sorts of
    foods. It offers a search function, allowing you to look for a recipe
    both by type of food or ethnic category. It also lists a number of links
    to other sites that can take you to many more low-fat and vegetarian 
 Nice feature: The USDA Nutrient Database allows you to type in a food (such
    as "pizza"), and it calculates how the food satisfies the recommended
    daily allowance of nutrients for the average man or woman, covering
    everything from protein to thiamine.