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Diabetic desserts


There isn't such a thing as diabetic desserts.  In the past few years the
whole area of sugar and people with diabetes has changed drastically and
most of us with diabetes can eat sugar in the same way we eat other
carbohydrates.  Right now diabetic recipes are a marketing ploy.  Your
friend may want to know how many carbohydrates are in the meal so that
she/he can adjust their insulin accordingly, or if they are watching their
weight they may want a low calorie meal.

I would suggest that you serve my favorite summer fruit dessert which is
blueberries with fatfree vanilla yogurt poured over them.  Or, you might
want to serve sliced angel food cake with blueberries or strawberries or
both on top.  Fatfree cool whip or frozen yogurt could be added.  If you
serve strawberries then wash, cut, and refrigerate them about 8 hours in
advance so that they break down a bit and become a little syrupy.  There is
no need to add sugar.  A red/white/blue dessert is very appropriate in
America as we approach the fourth of July.