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4th of July suggestions

I assume it will be warm where you are, how about a big black bean and corn
salad.  Equal parts beans and corn, diced bell peppers, all colors, diced
purple onion, a good sprinkle of ground cumin.  Dress with seasoned rice

veggie kabobs; slices of extra firm tofu marinated in BBQ sauce (place on a
fish gril to avoid sticking), corn on the cob (peel back but don't remove
husks, remove silk, replace husks, soak in water, place on grill.  Really
Veggie burgers, tofu pups, etc.

Then for dessert, halves of fresh barely ripe nectarines, cut side down on
the grill.  They come out sweet and wonderful, honest.

If it is not too hot to use the oven, prepare a couple pans of veggie
lasagne for reheating.  Check the archives for dairy and non dairy
versions.  Or make a couple of crock pots full of chili.

big platters of raw veggies with dips
big bowls of fruit salad

sandwich fixin's:
tofu egg salad
fatfree hummos platters (recipes in archives)  make a pretty platter with a
mound on hummos in the middle, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet onion
around the sides.  Serve with pita

FF bean spread.  Cook white beans, drain, saving liquid,  and roast a
couple heads of garlic.  Blend beans adding liquid as necessary for
consistency.  Add roasted garlic or prepared horseradish for flavor.
happy 4th,

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To be yourself, in a world that tries, night
and day, to make you just like everybody
else - is to fight the greatest battle there
ever is to fight, and never stop fighting.     --e.e. cummings