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Re: Toronto

Sheila <76073.2425@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> asked:
> Could someone re-post the fat-free/veg restaurant listings for
> Toronto? 

The TVA (Toronto Vegetarian Association) has a free guide to 
vegetarian restaurants (over 90) in Toronto and surrounding areas.
They have a resource center where it can be picked up, and some of 
the restaurants have copies of the guide available. I was there
last fall and found the food choices excellent, but it wasn't all 
that easy to get low fat. Many of the places were very cooperative,
agreed to make things without oil, but I still found some fat in 
most of the dishes. 

TVA also has a 144 page Vegetarian Handbook with excellent 
articles and a directory for restaurants, food and services. 
Their address is 736 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON  M5S 2R4. Phone:
(416) 533-3897. E-mail: tva@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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