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Tzatziki (greek cucumber and yougurt sauce)

This one is excellent on top of grilled veggies in pita bread or even as
a dip.


One large container fat free plain yogurt
4 - 6 cloves garlic (to your preference, I put 8!)  
2 tablespoons of vinegar ( all types work well except balsamic)
salt and pepper to taste
3 large or 4 small cucumbers

Peel cucumbers and grate (in side with largest holes).  Put grated
cucumbers in a strainer and let strain for about 30 min.  In a bowl add
yogurt, vinegar, salt, pepper,  and minced garlic (best if done in a
garlic press) and cucumber.   Mix well and allow to sit for at least 1
hour.  It is best the next day.  Enjoy!

Katerina Styers  (Madison, Wisconsin )