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RE: Iron

Hi Debbie.  I don't suffer from low iron, but several of my friends do.
Here are a few tips I hope are helpful.

1 TBSP blackstrap molasses = 2.3 mg iron
1/2 cup cooked black-eyed peas = 3.8 mg iron
10 dried prunes = 2.4 mg iron
1 cup baked winter squash = 1.4 mg iron
1 cup cooked quinoa = 5.3 mg iron

It's good that you don't eat dairy products, because dairy plays havoc
with iron absorption. Also, since you have trouble assimilating the iron
you ingest, you might want to have your doctor check your B-12 levels in
your blood.  You may not be able to absorb iron due to a B-12 (a/k/a
folic acid) deficiency.  If this is the case, one of your best bets is
to eat beans such as lima, soy, black, cranberry, and lentils, because
you not only get iron from them, but also B-12!
Hope this helps!

Mary Shannon