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Being Hungry

At first, I ate some of the fat-free sweet treats and fat-free frozen
yogurt.  But, all it did was make me crave more and more.  So, I
switched to eating fruit.  But, since I'm a raging sugar-aholic at
heart, I still craved more and more sugar.  The only fruit I eat now is
bananas.  Are there any other low-sugar fruits?

And Susan Young is correct in saying:
> I find  that the more I eat of very sweet things like fruit, the hungrier I 
> eventually get.
I cut WAY down on my hunger level by eliminating sugar (including
fruit).  All I crave now is "good stuff" like whole grains and fresh
veggies.  If you give up sugar, you will no longer crave it.  And THIS
coming from someone who practically LIVED on snack cakes, frosting,
cookies, jelly beans!!!  Who'd a thunk it????