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Nasty 'syrup', scary squash & jicama

Hello, everyone,

Re:  Frances' nasty "maple syrup" - I'm sorry your first experience was so
bad.  Maybe you could have someone here in the states send you some of the
real stuff?  I would point out one thing - since it is something you are
unfamiliar with, you may not respond to it the way we do.  I have friends who
recently came from Russia, where they do not have brown sugar.  We had some
baked goodies (which they liked) and when one asked what was in them, I ended
up bringing her the brown sugar.  They all HATED the taste, lol!

Rosemary - I love your mom's peach-freezing method.  Sounds like something
even I could do!  Thanks.

Mike Rosenblatt, I have never seen this warning before - <<(be careful, they
are dangerous to cut when raw) >>  What does it mean???  I'm having visions
of a B-movie starring acorn squash!

M question is this - does anyone have any special ways to handle jicama?  I
know people grate it up in salads, but is it good with anything else, or
cooked?  I won't buy it unless I have some great ideas, and you guys ARE