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Re: Weight Loss/Vacant Stares

---Sheri Slattery Wrote:
After following an Ornish diet and now McDougall, I have lost 61 pounds
toward my goal of 71!  My question is this, when I get to my goal
weight, will I keep losing weight?  <snip>

BTW, does anyone else ever get vacant stares from people who've asked
about your diet? <snip>


Hi Sheri!

Congratulations on the weight loss!  That's really great!  I wouldn't worry
about losing too much weight, as long as you are consuming enough calories.
Your body "knows" what your lowest point is, and will try to maintain that

As for vacant stares, you're not alone! I've had my share - usually accompanied
by "what do you eat then, carrots?" and pure horror.  ;)